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Cover photo: © Carlo Dapino | Dreamstime.com

Now available on Amazon Kindle: A Naughty Christmas Carol Novella

Three sexy female ghosts try to save the soul of a Wall Street trader on this naughty Christmas Eve.  

Nick Radnor is a Wall Street trader with no heart. Money is his mistress. That doesn’t stop him from having sex in his office on Christmas Eve with his secretary, Jinger Hunt. Or keeping his beautiful fiancée, Monique Ashford, dangling on a string. He’s relentless in his pursuit of wealth and power. Wall Street is in his blood, along with the thrill of risking it all, but he can’t forget the painful memories of Christmas when he was a kid.

Nick works hard, but plays harder in the dark, sensual and forbidden world of a New York BDSM club called Mamie’s. He haunts the club run by the saucy madam, where he acts out his fantasies with beautiful young submissives.

After a wild Christmas Eve at Mamie’s, Nick is in a drunken stupor when he hears the eerie sound of rattling chains proclaiming the arrival of the tormented ghost of Charlie Harris, his dead partner. The last thing Nick needs is Charlie’s ghost telling him he is doomed to walk the earth for eternity, chained by his sins.

What’s even more disturbing to Nick is the arrival of three sexy female ghosts, who warn him that if he doesn’t change his ways he will lose it all, including Monique, the woman he loves. 

On this naughty Christmas Eve, Nick will learn the terrifying full scope of where his life is headed because of his corporate greed. In a peek into the future that will shatter his every expectation, Nick realizes the choices he makes now will have deadly consequences for everyone he loves.

Cover design and page design: Jina Bacarr
Photos: Header and cover by Carlo Dapino www.dreamstime.com