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…all that holiday shopping would put more dollar signs in his bank account! Mean ole Scrooge doesn’t know what’s in store for him on Christmas Eve as we count down the shopping days until Christmas!!

Here’s a Preview of what happens to Nick, my modern day Scrooge,  on Christmas Eve in an excerpt from “A NAUGHTY CHRISTMAS CAROL.” 

The Ghost of Christmas Present takes Nick to a toy store and turns his world upside down. Perfect scene for the busiest shopping day of the year!


Out of his bedroom, zooming over the skyscrapers, Nick got a taste of New York at Christmas that Santa would envy. Flying high then low, so low his feet skimmed over the slush on the sidewalks, the Ghost of Christmas Present took him on a tour of the city. From the lights of Broadway to the crystal star atop the Christmas tree in RockefellerCenter.

“What are we doing back here, Ghost?” Nick asked, holding on tight to her breast. Not that he was complaining. “I saw this holiday craziness this afternoon.”

“You didn’t see this,” said the Ghost, skidding to a stop in front of a toy store in mid-town, people crowding the front entrance, trying to get in. He let go of her with reluctance. “I want to show you what you missed earlier while you were indulging in your whip fantasy over at Mamie’s.” She pursed her lips. “You naughty boy.”

Ignoring her remark as if he didn’t hear it, Nick peeked inside the store. His stomach turned. No way was he going in there.

“Screw you, Ghost.” Nick turned to walk away. How dare she bring him here? He hated this place. Reminded him of everything he didn’t have as a kid. It wasn’t the toys he missed, but a father’s love.

He tried to protest, but she dragged him inside by the collar. “Sorry, Nicky, you can’t get away from me.”

Before he could blink, Nick found himself inside the store. He couldn’t believe the holiday madness. Toys, toys and more toys. Seeing the endless bins of stuffed animals and action toys made his eyes hurt. But not as much as the shiny red bike tied up with a big bow.

“It’s yours, Nick,” said the Ghost with a smile. “Take it.”

Her offer was met with agitation and a deep felt pain.

“What do I need it for?” Nick said with defiance. “I’ve got a Porsche Carrera GT and a Jaguar.”

“You’re right,” she sighed. “Money can’t buy everything.”

She meant his father.

Never once did he write that he was proud of him. Instead his old man kept bugging Nick to get him a new lawyer, which he did, but the evidence was stacked against him. He’d gotten word last summer that his father died in prison a bitter, old man.

His eyes burned. Something wet and salty brimmed over onto his cheeks. He wiped it away. Then, before he could catch his breath, he heard–

“I saw the Super Ducky Monster first,” a woman yelled. “It’s mine!”

No, it’s mine!” screamed a second woman.

Nick looked over his shoulder to see two middle-aged women fighting over what was obviously the last Super Ducky Monster inManhattan. He shook his head. He’d never seen two traders hot for a stock go at each other like these two women did.

“Hey, Nicky,” whispered the Ghost in his ear. “Watch this.”

Curious, Nick stood back while the ghost pulled a perfume atomizer out of the fur pouch slung over her hips. With a grand sweeping gesture, she sprayed the two women with a fine sparkly mist.

The first woman blinked. “I don’t know what came over me,” she said. “You saw the toy first, not me.”

“Oh no, my dear,” insisted the second woman. “It’s yours.

“What the hell did you do to them?” asked Nick.

The Ghost laughed so hard, her big breasts nearly spilled out of her gown. Too bad they didn’t.

“It’s my goodwill holiday mist,” she said. “It makes people act nice toward each other.”

“I don’t believe it,” he insisted. “Do it again.”

The Ghost snapped her fingers and they were out on the busy street. Screeching and honking filled Nick’s ears when a taxi nearly ran over a man. He jumped out of the way.

“Get you next time, sonny boy,” yelled the driver, bumping up against the curb.

“Not if I get you first!” the guy hollered, raising his fist in the driver’s face.

The Ghost licked her lips. “I love it when I zap these guys.” She pointed her spray bottle at them and seconds later the taxi driver was offering the guy a lift free of charge.

“This is rigged. No one inNew York acts like that,” Nick protested, then turned on his heel. “I’ve seen enough.”

The Ghost snorted at him and he swore he saw fire coming out of her nose. “Okay, smarty pants, you pick my next mark.”

Nick nodded. “Zap the guy over there, the one ignoring the Salvation Army captain ringing his bell. He’s the most notorious hedge fund operator on Wall Street.”

“My pleasure, Nicky boy.”

With a loud whoosh, the Ghost sprayed him. In less than a New York minute, the Wall Street hotshot was writing a check to the charity for a high five figures.

“That schmuck can afford more than that,” Nick insisted, peering over his shoulder. “Let me zap him.” He tried to grab her spray bottle, but the Ghost sidestepped him with her fancy footwork.

“We gotta go, Nicky,” she said, grabbing his shirt tail and twirling him around so fast his head was spinning. “We have an appointment in Queens.”

“Queens?” He barely breathed the word when a hailstorm of snow flurries swirled around him. Then he heard the high, lilting voices of angels singing a Christmas hymn.

Angels in Queens?

Was she fricking nuts?


Hope you enjoyed this excerpt from “A NAUGHTY CHRISTMAS CAROL.”

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