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Meet NICK RADNOR, bad boy Scrooge in “A Naughty Christmas Carol.”

He used to be a nice guy–until corporate greed took over his life. Now he’s a “1 percenter” and takes what he wants–in business and in bed. So why does Monique, his fiancée, put up with him? Sure, he’s a hunk–but it’s more than that.

She remembers the man he was… 

EXCERPT: The Ghost of Christmas Past takes Nick back to the time when he was a young man:

For Nick, suddenly finding himself standing in the middle of a country lane covered with snowdrifts was like opening the door to a world of virtual reality he never thought possible. Christmas lights flickered red and green from atop tall fir trees, while silver and gold decorations hung from every lamppost.

Gone were the tall office buildings and streets crowded with last-minute shoppers. Cars with horns blaring. Vendors hawking their leather goods, pretzel carts tempting hungry passers-by.

He let out a deep breath. Peace on earth. In Connecticut.

“I know this place,” Nick blurted out, then pointed straight ahead. “Over there is a three-story blue and white Victorian house with a long front porch and wisteria crawling up the side wall. I used to meet Monique up here for the holidays back in college. It was her family’s vacation place until they sold it and the new owner tore it down and put in condos.”

“Monique is your fiancée?” said the Ghost, curious.

“We haven’t set a date,” Nick admitted, trudging through the snow-covered field leading to the house. Funny, he didn’t feel cold.

“Why not?”

“I haven’t gotten her a ring yet,” Nick said.

“Can’t afford it?” asked the Ghost with sarcasm.

He snickered. “I’m too busy to get married.”

“Too busy to give her what she’s always wanted, Mr. Radnor?” said the Ghost, undaunted by his snappy remarks. “You.”

“She wants a career more than she wants me.” It hurt him to admit that to a ghost yet.

“Why don’t you ask her?”

“You sure know how to put a guy on the spot.”

Nick shivered. Damn ghost was getting under his skin. Being back here was not easy. All those wonderful memories with Monique came back to him. How she moved her body and teased him with her sassy words. How she played with her pussy. How she smelled.

Hungry, raw desire emanating from every pore. Her eyes filled with want.

With love.

Nick had no time for such foolishness now. Making deals and playing the Wall Street big shot came first.

Still, he’d sure like to see the old place again. This was his favorite time in his life. College. And For the first time he had somebody. Monique.


Will Nick wake up before it’s too late?

Find out in: “A Naughty Christmas Carol.”