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Poor Nick Radnor…the 2 Ghosts have showed him what mistakes he’s made with his life as a one-percenter. A Wall Street trader with no heart…but Nick has changed.

No wonder Nick is shaking in his shoes when the Ghost of Christmas Future comes to show him what will happen to him and thos he loves if he doesn’t change his corporate greed ways:

“ARE YOU THE GHOST OF CHRISTMAS yet to come?” Nick asked, gagging. A stench like he never smelled shot up his nostrils, making him dizzy. In an instant the sexy ghost in red velvet had vanished and this somber apparition appeared in her place.

The spirit nodded.

Black crêpe wound tight around her body in a serpentine swirl. Pure, unadorned, absolute in its sensuousness as it hugged her breasts and fell straight to the floor like a splash of black ink. The layers of long veils covering her face made her seem to float.

Her perfume was pure and smelled of one essence.


Tawdry, decayed. Everlasting.

“You are here to show me what will go down in the future?” Nick continued, forcing his voice to remain steady. “Shadows, you ghosts call them.”

Again she nodded.

Damn her silence. It chilled him as words never could. A phantom bell rang in his ears, as if that made up for the ghost’s stilled voice.

“You are not like the other spirits,” Nick said, noting her shapely figure made a striking contrast to the feeling of despair surrounding her. He wanted to look away, but a macabre fascination to keep looking gripped him. “Your presence frightens me, yet you also seduce me.”

Her voluptuous body held his gaze. Big breasts with hard nipples pointing straight out. Nipped in waist, slim hips. An uber creation of the female form that he craved in his wildest imaginings.

To fuck.

Yet he feared that doing so would unleash a writhing, demonic creature that would destroy him.


Tomorrow is Christmas Eve…when the clocks strikes midnight, the first of the 3 Ghosts will make an appearance…are you ready?