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Did Santa bring you a Kindle for Christmas?Looking for sexy, erotic stories for your Kindle?

Cover photo: © Carlo Dapino | Dreamstime.com

A Naughty Christmas Carol comes straight out of today’s newsstories: “Scrooge meets Wall Street.

I’ve always loved the Dickens’ classic about Scrooge and his scratchy quill pen. But what if Scrooge worked on Wall Street and used a smart phone instead?

And what if his faithful clerk, Mr. Cratchit, was a gorgeous blond secretary?

Hmm…I decided our modern Scrooge would also have a beautiful fiancée and frequent a gentleman’s club. Since I write erotic romance, I made it a BDSM club.

Writing the story had me laughing and crying at the same time. I couldn’t believe I could get so emotional every time I read the Christmas morning scene when the hero finds out he hasn’t missed Christmas and goes about “mending his greedy corporate ways.”

I don’t want to give anything away in A Naughty Christmas Carol, but I can guarantee you sexy times with the hero and the ladies—and ghosts in his life.  


Who is the Hunter?

He’s a character I’ve had in my mind for some time. A mysterious adventurer who has an almost mystical power to know what a woman wants and needs in bed. He has an unlimited fortune that allows him to roam the world doing just that.

Sound sexy? There’s more.

I’ve also been intrigued by the popularity of one-night stands.

You see them in films, short stories, anthologies and novels. That naughty deed that allows you to indulge in your fantasies with a stranger without worrying about what he’ll think “the morning after.”

Not all one-night stands are about sex. Sometimes you meet a man outside your normal environment and because he’s a stranger, you talk about things you wouldn’t with anyone else. You never see him again, but you come away wiser and more confident about yourself.

That’s what I wanted to write about: erotic short stories where the sex is hot and the Hunter helps the heroine discover something about herself that makes her blossom as a woman.

The Hunter is coming to your town…are you ready?


I have two Hunter stories for your Kindle:


Breaking the Rules by Jina Bacarr (the Hunter series)   

Elaine is a rules-kind-of-girl, whether it’s at work or in the bedroom. She sets out on journey of self-discovery when she meets the Hunter, who shows her that rules are made to be broken.

Cover photo: Pepperbox © Olga Ekaterincheva | Dreamstime.com

Nice Girls Do It by Jina Bacarr (the Hunter series)

A stormy day and Chloe gets caught in the rain until a mysterious stranger who calls himself “the Hunter” offers her shelter in his old Victorian mansion.

Will she lose her virginity before morning comes?


Available on KINDLE:

A Naughty Christmas Carol 

Breaking the Rules

Nice Girls Do It