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There’s a new e-book site in town just in time for the New Year 2012!

Super E-Books is a fabulous new site where you can browse and buy e-books for your e-reader from Kindle, Nook, Sony, Apple, Kobo, ARe, Smashwords, Indiebound etc.

From their website:

“On each e-book’s Super E-Books catalog page, you can enjoy author interviews, watch a book trailer, read what reviewers are saying about the book — then click through the direct buy links to your preferred online retailer when you’re ready to make your purchase.

Super E-Books. Super easy. Super e-books. All e-books, all the time.”

Karen Dionne wrote a well-researched story on Super E-Books for the Huffington Post.

According to Karen: “Of these, Super E-Books.com is unique. Super E-Books doesn’t sell books directly to readers. Instead, the website collects, or catalogs e-books. On each e-book’s catalog page, readers can enjoy author interviews, watch a book trailer, read an excerpt of the book and see what reviewers have to say — then click through any of the multiple direct buy links to the online retailer appropriate for their reading device when they decide to make a purchase.”

Thanks Karen and Super E-Books! I have two stories up on the website with a third on the way! Here are my Super E-Books links:

  “A Naughty Christmas Carol” 

Cover photo: © Carlo Dapino | Dreamstime.com

Three sexy female ghosts try to save the soul of a Wall Street trader on this naughty Christmas Eve.






Now on Super E-Books:

Cover photo: Pepperbox © Olga Ekaterincheva | Dreamstime.com

Nice Girls Do It” (the Hunter Series)

A stormy day and Chloe gets caught in the rain until a mysterious stranger who calls himself “the Hunter” offers her shelter in his old Victorian mansion.

Will she lose her virginity before morning comes?