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Happy New Year 2012!!

I’ve so enjoyed this blog with all its Christmas Holiday fun and romance. Posting the wonderful stories from fabulous authors and taking you on a naughty Christmas Eve with my modern day Scrooge and his three sexy female ghosts in “A Naughty Christmas Carol.”

As we bid 2011 a fond farewell, I invite you to take a new journey with me on the Ship of Dreams.


Cover art by Dar Albert


The Titanic has fascinated me for years. I’m not alone. Even before James Cameron’s film “Titanic,” what happened on her maiden voyage has captured the imagination of anyone who has ever wondered what it was like to stroll her decks.

From first class…to second…to steerage.

I decided to find out and “Titanic Rhapsody” was born. Katie O’Reilly is a saucy Irish maid who dreamed of going to America to escape a prison sentence for something she didn’t do.

It’s only when she meets the notorious Captain Lord Jack Blackthorn on board the Titanic that she realizes it’s more than a new life she’s after.

She wants him, too.

“Titanic Rhapsody” is a romance, but I’ve strived to make it as historically accurate as possible, down to the times of the launching of the lifeboats after the ship hits the iceberg.

I learned so much about the ship and also about the passengers. Who they were, why they were traveling on the ship and what they experienced on that fateful night.

As the clock counts down on this New Year’s Eve, I hope you’ll join me on my “Titanic Rhapsody” blog as we lead up to the 100th anniversary in April 2012.

Happy New Year!!