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You can do what online? you ask yourself.

Taste? Touch? Hear?


Don’t believe me?

Think about it. Pumpkin pie—your mater waters remembering every last bite.

Or your favorite new song. You can’t get it out of your head.

The way he kisses you under the mistletoe

Ah, yes, love that last one.

So here you are today. Shopping on a flat screen. No sore feet. No one cutting in line in front of you. It’s just you and your computer and that visual treat you want so bad that you click on it before you can stop yourself.


Because your mind is your most powerful buying tool. And your mind can activate all your senses. It’s the reason you click on that sexy red cashmere sweater that will show off your cleavage. In your mind, you can feel the soft cashmere rubbing against your skin…his eyes watching you when you show up at the Christmas party. Then you imagine him touching you…reaching under your cashmere sweater and finding his way to your bra…then with one hand he unsnaps it and… you know what happens next.

All because you’re sitting here on Cyber Monday.

Clicking on deals.

Your eyeballs popping, your heart racing, your fingers tapping on the “Buy” button.

All hot and bothered.

But what if you can’t wait for the Christmas party? Why not enjoy a mind blowing experience now by downloading a sexy short story or novella?

“A Naughty Christmas Carol” is a novella, the story of three sexy female ghosts who try to save the soul of a hunky Wall Street trader on this naughty Christmas Eve. Nick Radnor is an alpha male gone wrong who finds his way home through the love of a beautiful woman.

“Titanic Rhapsody:” Katie O’Reilly runs away from the grand house where she is in service after being wrongly accused of stealing a diamond bracelet. The law is after her, and she has only one chance at escape—the Titanic. She boards the ship of dreams and runs straight into the arms of Captain Lord Jack Blackthorn, a dashing gentleman gambler who promises to be her protector. If she takes off her clothes.

“Nice Girls Do It” is an erotic short story: A stormy day and Chloe gets caught in the rain until a mysterious stranger who calls himself “the Hunter” offers her shelter in his old Victorian mansion. Will she lose her virginity before morning comes?

And for today, Monday, November 26th, and tomorrow, Tuesday, November 27th, my erotic short story, Breaking the Rules,” is FREE on Amazon Kindle!

Elaine is a rules-kind-of-girl, whether it’s at work or in the bedroom. She sets out on a journey of self-discovery when she meets the Hunter, who shows her that rules are made to be broken.

A working girl learns you have to ask for what you want.

At work…or in bed.

Ladies, start your engines, I mean computers…Cyber Monday shopping has begun!

Check out my website: http://jinabacarr.com for more of my books and stories.