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London is the home of Dickens’ Scrooge! And I’m thrilled today to be featured on

Indie Book Bargains UK-based Daily Kindle Book Deals 

My hundred word fiction story is based on a real incident that happened to me in Italy during the Christmas Week Holiday

Happy Holidays!

Today’s Hundred Word Fiction

Santa, Soldiers, and Orphans, oh my!

by Jina Bacarr
“Signorina, Daniele is missing,” whispered the nun.

I panicked. It was hard enough dealing with shell-shocked soldiers and orphans who didn’t speak the same language.

Now I had a lost child on Christmas Eve.

“We’ll organize a search party,” a sergeant offered, relating to a missing comrade in any language. “Al, you’re point man. Bill, you bring up the rear.”

Soon we heard a shout coming from the supply room. “We found him!”

Daniele. A loud cheer went up. Each soldier had a grin on his face. I’ll never forget those smiles.

That Christmas Eve was their first step toward home.