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Meet Mistletoe Holly.

Holly is a saucy redhead who can’t resist stealing a kiss from the cute guys in her office.

She doesn’t kiss them. She gets them to kiss her.

She hangs the holiday plant with goldish-green leaves with its big, white berries over her head. Around her neck like a slave choker.

Low over her hips.

Between her legs.

Anywhere a guy can plant a kiss.

She’s a Christmas kissing bandit.

She kisses and runs.

Into the arms of the next guy.

Watch out…if she comes to your holiday office party. She might take your man.

But not if you steal her mistletoe first…


Check out an excerpt of “A Naughty Christmas Carol” on WATTPAD:

In the excerpt, it’s Christmas Eve. Nick is still grieving over the sudden death of his business partner, Charlie, last Christmas Eve.

When Charlie’s ghost shows up after a night of wild drinking and sex, we’re off and running. Charlie warns him that three ghosts will make their appearance, just like in the classic story. Three sexy babes who will take Nick on a whirlwind tour of his past, present, and future with each episode tied to his beautiful fiancée, Monique.

Monique is the anchor in my story. She never stops believing in her man, no matter what. It is through her eyes that we fall in love with Nick, all the while hoping that he wakes up before it’s too late and he loses everything.

Including her.

A Naughty Christmas Carol "What if Scrooge was a sexy hunk with a smart phone?"

A Naughty Christmas Carol “What if Scrooge was a sexy hunk with a smart phone?” on Wattpad